What are the features and colors included in kitchens of newly constructed homes? Data from Houzz, combined with information from the 2016 Builder Practices Survey, provides insight.
The 2016 Builder Practices Survey (BPS) is a national survey of home builders conducted by Home Innovation Research Labs that captures valuable information on the product features included in new residential construction, both single-family and multifamily.
It is a robust survey of 1,381 respondents who built single-family detached units and 199 respondents who built multifamily units or townhomes. Results are available on national and regional levels.
Analyzing the BPS can uncover interesting trends in the construction of new kitchens, such as countertop material type, cabinet type, and appliances.
Although the BPS covers a broad range of topics, it does not touch upon the color themes of kitchens in new construction. Houzz, an online platform dedicated to home remodeling and design, conducted a national online survey on this very topic. Its survey asked recent buyers of newly constructed homes about the color themes in their kitchens.
NAHB economist Carmel Ford analyzed the combined data from the BPS and Houzz surveys to provide a better view on what today’s new kitchens look like. The results can be found in this recent Eye on Housing blog post that offers a snapshot of the 2015 product features and color themes included in kitchens of newly constructed single-family homes.