Sean Howard displays a portrait of his dad, NAHB CEO Jerry Howard.
Sean Howard displays a portrait of his dad,
NAHB CEO Jerry Howard.

What does home building mean to you?  If you are a kid, NAHB wants to know.
We’re asking the children of home builders, remodelers, developers, trade partners and anyone else involved in this great industry to design a poster that shows what Mom or Dad’s job means to them. We know you’re making an impact in your communities through the great work you do in housing, and we’re sure your kids know that too.
Whether they are part of our business or just in our hearts, home building is about family. Let’s capture the great work our craftsmen and innovators do through the eyes of our children.  Here’s how:

  • Ask your “NAHB Kid” (12 or younger) to design a poster.
  • Make sure you read the rules here.
  • Ask your child to put the words, “We Are NAHB. Welcome Home” somewhere in the design.
  • Take a photo of the finished work and email it to Make sure your email also includes your name, company, HBA, phone number, and a few words about your NAHB Kid.

Judges will vote on the submissions, and the winning NAHB Kid’s design will receive $1,000. Mom and Dad’s HBA will also get $1,000. We’ll share this winning poster with HBAs across the country to use in their recruitment efforts.
The deadline is June 24. But what are you waiting for? Ask your NAHB Kids to show their stuff. To learn more, contact Jackie Geyfman.