Who Can Participate?
Participants may include trade associations, employers, federal, state and local governmental agencies, professional societies, institutes, consumer/labor-management interest organizations and sub- and independent contractors.

OSHA is partnering with employers and trade associations once again on the national safety stand-down for fall prevention in construction, which will take place May 4-15. The purpose of this safety stand-down is to raise awareness about the hazards of falls, which are responsible for the highest number of deaths in the construction industry.
What is a Safety Stand-Down?
A safety stand-down is a voluntary event for employers to talk directly to employees about fall hazards and reinforce the importance of fall protection.
NAHB’s Information Packet: How to Conduct Your Own Safety Stand-Down
NAHB is providing a free information packet to builders and trade contractors to perform their own safety stand-down. It contains information on how to conduct a safety stand-down and provides simple, easy to use materials that can even be customized for your jobsite conditions and activities. The packet includes:

  • Instructions for conducting your own fall prevention stand-down.
  • Three NAHB Tool Box Talks (Fall Hazards on the Job, Ladder Safety, and Scaffold Safety).
  • A handout for workers – OSHA’s Fall Prevention Fact Sheet.
  • An optional sign-in sheet to record information about your stand-down event.

Download the Safety Stand-Down information packet here