As we enter into the beginning of May 2016, we are almost half-way through the year and there is much more we can accomplish.  I would like to focus this month on some resources that are available to you as Associate members.  The NAHB Associate Outreach Network on Facebook is a great tool to use as well as the blog and e-newsletter called Associate Maximization, which was created to help members of the NAHB with professional growth, gain a better understanding of their HBA investment and maximize their return.  This blog is for established members, new members, and for non-members to demonstrate their reasons why investment in membership could help with professional growth.  I would like to give a very big thank you to Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP for his permission to share the attached work with all of you and for his continued hard work and contributions to both of these venues.  
I am sharing with you Part I of Michael’s March 10, 2016 posting on Association Maximization called Networker vs. NOT worker.  So many times as associates, we always ask “what is in it for us?”  To help answer that, I am sharing a small sample from another individuals viewpoint, that I agree with.  I feel that it is important for the growth of yourself and of your company to take a short time to read this information.  I truly believe this will be a huge benefit for everyone that uses these tools.
As always, please contact me, one of your board members or executive officers if you are interested in helping to make a difference within the Arkansas state associates council.  We are always looking for the input and participation of other associate members that wish to enrich and strengthen our association.
Please know that I am here to help in any manner possible and always available to hear your concerns and needs.  Best wishes to everyone in their continued success throughout 2016!!
Kind Regards,   

Bill Ross