Associates and Affiliate Members,

As we enter into Spring and move through the month of April 2016, the season and time for growth in all aspects of our lives is upon us.  Last month I discussed NAHB’s Bringing Housing Home Legislative Conference.  The 2016 Bringing Housing Home Legislative Conference took place between March 7th and 11th.  For those that participated in this event and reached out to their respective Senators, sharing their opinions regarding the importance and impact that it will have within the building industry, I would like to personally say THANK YOU for being an active participant!!!! I also shared our NAHB federal legislative director’s information for the State of Arkansas, Alex Strong which he can be contacted regarding legislative affairs via email at or by calling 800-368-5242 ext. 8279.  I hope that if you had any questions, you were able to make contact with Alex and that he was able to be of assistance. Our voices need to be heard individually, but even more importantly as a collective whole, and as the saying goes, there is definitely strength in numbers.

I would like to bring to everyone’s attention this month we are having our quarterly Arkansas State HBA Board Meeting, which also includes our State Associates Council Meeting. The Associates Council Meeting is from 9:00 AM- 10:30 AM at the Arkansas Electric Cooperative Building located in Southwest Little Rock at the following address: One Cooperative Way Little, Rock, AR 72209.  I would encourage and hope that we can have as many of our valuable associate members from all across the State, come by and attend our meeting. This will give you an opportunity to sit in on our discussions and observe the inner workings of what some of your fellow associate members who sit on the Council do. Your time is very valuable, and I promise that it will not be wasted by coming by to participate, interact and see if you would like to become a part of supporting your industry by becoming a member of the Council.

I would like to touch base on the importance of the growth, being active and participating on all levels within our local, state and national HBA’s once again. Building activities are on the rise, and as we come out of the slower season for our industry, things are already beginning to pick up and many individuals that I have spoken with, are very positive regarding a potentially strong Spring building period. With that being said, the importance of working together as a collective whole within your respective local HBA’s as well as the State and National level is becoming more critical than ever before. The reduction of qualified building professionals in all aspects of our industry, from builders to tradesmen to suppliers, has created a dynamic for all of us to work with each other and support the continual growth of the community that supports our families and livelihoods. Do business with a PROFESSIONAL HBA MEMBER first and share their information with others so that you can build partnerships within your own industry, providing you the chance to grow with not only the builder members, but also the associate members within your HBA and all across the State.

Kind Regards,

Bill Ross