Following these eight rules can help workers steer clear of the most common jobsite hazards and keep construction sites looking neat, professional, and well cared for.
  1. Hold mandatory safety meetings at the start of each day so that everyone knows the rules.
  2. Keep walkways and stairways clear of trash, debris and materials like tools and supplies to prevent tripping and falls.
  3. Pick up boxes, scrap lumber and other materials and put them in a dumpster or trash/debris area to prevent fire and tripping hazards.
  4. Provide enough light so workers can see any hazards and prevent accidents. 
  5. Provide an adequate supply of drinking water and restrooms.
  6. Always wear personal protective equipment (e.g., hard hats, goggles, gloves, non-skid work boots).
  7. Always maintain three points of contact while ascending or descending a ladder.
  8. Take regular breaks to reduce the chance of an accident happening due to exhaustion.
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