The Fayetteville Planning Commission met on Monday, December 10th to discuss the builder input they had received at the work session in November. Planning Commission Chair, Matt Hoffman, presented to the entire commission, and a member of the Fayetteville Police Department also presented their stance of making these proposed changes in order to make Fayetteville a safer place to live. Their main idea is to decrease the percentage of garage protrusion to 25% or less; the average of garage protrusion on the front of the house has increased throughout the years. Currently, most new homes have a protrusion of 50% or more, making the house less attractive, and also limiting the view of the street from the main living areas of the house, making it harder to secure your property.Following a lengthy discussion, the Planning Commission decided to table the decision to take their idea to City Council, to give more time for more work sessions. The commission unanimously agreed they need more time and more information to make a fair plan that would include incentives for our local builders. They plan to have a closed session in February, and invite the builders back in March for another open work session.